About us

Agora in ancient greek means “an open space used for social gatherings and market trading”

The AgoraMetaverse will have unique metaverses on different crypto chains, all linked together via the AGORA Dashboard.

You can contact the team on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

Agora Vision

Agora token holders will have exclusive access to:

  • Juno Agora – a metaverse specifically for Juno token holders hosting P2Earn games, NFT art galleries as well as much more.  
  • Decentraland Agora – a land full of NFT galleries and dedicated theme park where BSC Agora token holders will get priority pass
  • Eventual integration with an Openverse protocol allowing access to multiple metaverses via the Agora portal from each land

Agora values

Agora is an inclusive ecosystem.  We want to build a world where:

  • We believe the metaverse should be open to all protocols
  • We believe in LOVE and Harmony. NO hate whatsoever
  • We believe everyone has the right to have FUN and earn a living.
  • We believe in honesty and respect for the law of the land we live in. NO law breakers and scammers whatsoever

Agora Foundation

The future of the metaverse and the “Openverse” is by enabling community members and developers to push the boundary of what is possible.  Grants will be provided to individuals to create immersive NFT experiences as well as virtual gaming attractions.

Agora Team

Lead Developer -

The Agora team are a diverse bunch of  ex IT techies who have worked in leading global investment banks as well as independent artists and game developers.  We all have a passion about the crypto movement especially with the advent of the metaverse.

Blockchain developer - Harry

Our goal is to allow anyone , from any background, to have access to the opportunities presented by the numerous metaverses (sandbox, decentraland and Meta to name a few).  We believe all these will all be linked eventually by an “openmetaverse” protocol allowing you to move between them at ease.

Head of Marketing - Kane

Imagine having a virtual life inside this universe, travelling between different worlds, buying Art, playing different vitual sports, attending birthday parties and live entertainment events all from your home.  Imagine meeting up with other people who share this vision, namely Agora token holders.  Common values will lead to new common friends and exciting business opportunities for all.

Developer -

We are looking for keen smart developers to join. The more the merrier.


Max supply of 1 billion tokens

  • 10% liquidity (100000000 tokens)
  • 5% marketing 

10% development (100000000)

  • 5% grants


Tokens will be available on BSC and Juno

Total Supply

2.1 billion tokens


715 Million tokens

Fair-Sales+ Airdrop

1.3 Billion tokens

Dev Fund + Grants

85 Million tokens

PHASE 1 Q2 2022 – website launch and social media promotions (discord, telegram, twitter and github).
PHASE 3 Q2 2022 – Airdrop tasks and listins
PHASE 3 Q4 2022 – beta launch of Agora dashboard.
PHASE 4 Q1 2023- development of both Sandbox and DCL portions of Agorametaverse. Juno Agora release BETA
Airdrop Info